The Spanish Legacy in the United States of America.

The Legacy is dedicated to bringing attention to the significance of Spain’s historical and cultural contributions to the United States, in order to encourage and promote the ties between the two countries based on the cherished relationship that has united us since before the United States became an independent country.

The teachings on who we are, the recovery and study of Spanish history and of the contributions, especially those of our military leaders,  and the historical milestones achieved in the past centuries are the backbone of what we represent and a legacy of what should be taught and absorbed by current and future generations.

Our history spans vast areas and one of the most relevant but least well-known in its scope and repercussions even into today is our common chapter of history which saw the birth of the United States of America and the enormous and fundamental influence of Spain in its achievements. The commemoration of this milestone along with many others that have occurred over the centuries, its background, and the enormous effects it has had for both Spain and the United States are a source of pride in the political, economic, commercial and  cultural relationship that unites us today.

The key objectives of The Legacy are:

  • To cooperate in the promotion of knowledge, distribution, and the teaching of our common history based on Spain’s historic legacy in the U.S., elevating the cultural and social prestige of both countries.
  • To promote knowledge, through teaching and research, of the contributions made by our leaders and general and our armed forces in particular during the period between the 16th and 19th centuries.
  • To propose actions leading to the development of relationships between the two countries, generating and promoting new ideas that promote the spread of these ideas toward the benefit of culture and its development and enjoyment.

Who we are

President and Founder: Eva García

Perpetual Ambassador: James Costos

Spanish Vicepresident: Santiago Bolibar Piñero

US Vicepresident: Melissa Hathaway

Secretary-General: José Andrés Garciaga

Assistant Secretary-General: Sofía Alfaro

US Coordinator: Ebru Pekari

Legal Advisor: Fermín Guardiola


Heading, home page:
Spain. Defense Ministry. Naval Museum Archives. Details of Map Orbis Terrarum 1595.

Heading, Mission and Objectives:
Spain. Defense Ministry. Naval Museum Archives. Details of Map North Sea 1652.

Heading, Founding Partners:
Spain. Defense Ministry. Naval Museum Archives. Details of Cartagena Arsenal.

Heading, Historical Accounts:
Spain. Defense Ministry. Naval Museum Archives. Details of Cartagena Arsenal

Heading, home page Farragut and Menorca:
Spain. Menorca Military Museum. Details of the City of Mahon 1760.

Heading, Press (Farragut and Menorca):
United States of America. Naval Historical Foundation. The U.S. Mediterranean Squadron departing Port Mahon 1825.