The Legacy is dedicated to bringing attention to the significance of Spain’s historical and cultural contributions to the United States, in order to encourage and promote the ties between the two countries based on the cherished relationship that has united us since before the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.



Today, July 7th, 2019, marks the third anniversary of the founding of The Legacy Association. We began our journey in 2016 with a foot in the North American Naval Academy in Annapolis. There we requested an space in some of the walls of its exceptional Museum […]



George Washington and Spain.
The Legacy of the Spanish Army in the United States of America

We want to continue mitigating the damage of the Black Legend. We must stop telling our past in the version that others tell. It is Our History, investigate it, tell it, spread it and teach it is everyone's task. We have much to do and discover, to achieve success, we must continue without truce and without pause but mainly we need many more citizens and institutions to join in the reconstruction of our legacy.


Farragut & Menorca.

The Spanish Legacy in the U.S. Navy

The idea for the publication of this book emerged in the fall of 2016, Eva García’s proposal to obtain a designated place for a plaque in the Naval Museum of Annapolis was not moving forward. It was then that García decided to substantiate her request with the cooperation of expert historians by publishing a book about the relationship between the US Navy and the island of Menorca…