Official start of the events

The official start of the events was a magnificent concert by the U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band, in the magnificent 18th Centry Principal theater of Mahon. The concert was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Council of Mahon and the drive of Mayor Conxa Juanola. The 30 members of the band delighted us with an hour and a half of exceptional music directed by Charles White. 
The theater was full.

Eva Garcia, President of The Legacy granted Admiral James G. Foggo the title of first honorary member in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the advancement of the strong ties of cooperation and friendship between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain. He was presented with the most distinguished recognition, a scroll signed by George Washington. A reproduction of the last page of the Treaty of Friendship and Limits of Navigation between the King of Spain Spain and the United States of America.
Afterwards we offered a cocktail to the guests of The Legacy in Alcaufar Vell with a dome show and exhibition of the Menorcan horse.


Live concert

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A Brief History of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band


In Memory of the Ancient Mahonese Musicians Enlisted in the U.S. Navy


Mahonese musician in the U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band


Welcome cocktail

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