Synopsis by Eva García

The winter in 1815 was expected to be long and harsh, the Mediterranean Squadron of the US Navy did not have a safe place in which to spend the winter and a chance encounter in Málaga with John Baker who was the Consul of the Balearic Islands since the beginning of the century, would direct them to the best port in the Mediterranean, the Port of Mahon. On November 5th they arrived in Menorca where they would remain for over three decades. There his officers and midshipmen would become a part of life on the island, training in its plazas, being taught by local teachers, healing the ill, and burying their comrades with moving farewells.  

We invite you to board on a fascinating journey, that of the discovery of the bonds between two countries, their citizens, political leaders, ships and Navies. 

You will meet Jorge Farragut, a Spanish citizen, born on the island of Menorca, who arrived in the United States in 1776 to support the colonies rebelling against the British power. A forgotten hero who should be remembered for his valor, courage, strength and indisputable legacy as the father of the first Admiral of the United States of America, David G. Farragut.

This year we celebrate the third centennial since the founding of the Naval Academy for the Spanish Navy. With this book it has been our intention to contribute to this relevant milestone by sharing the best kept historic secret: that of the the bonds between the Navies of two great nations, Spain and the United States of America.

Welcome aboard.
Fair winds and following seas.